Study Materials
The following official resources are available to help candidates prepare for both parts of the FRM Exam.


2015 FRM Study Guide

FRM Study Guide 2015
2015 FRM Exam Study Guide
The Study Guide sets forth primary topics and subtopics covered in the FRM Exam Part I and II. Readings are selected by the FRM Committee every year as being representative of the theories and concepts that risk managers working today have to master. The topics are reviewed yearly to ensure the FRM Exam is kept timely and relevant.
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2015 FRM Study Guide Changes for Returning Candidates

FRM 2015 Study Guide Changes
2015 FRM Study Guide Changes for Returning Candidates
Deferral and Returning FRM Candidates should download this list of changes to the 2015 FRM Study Guide. This is a list of new, deleted, and updated readings from the 2014 FRM Study Guide.
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2015 FRM Program Manual

2015 FRM Program Manual
2015 FRM Program Manual

The FRM Program Manual is designed as a resource for candidates as they progress through the FRM Program. The manual includes an outline of the concepts covered on the Exam, the Learning Objectives for each topic in the curriculum, study strategies, a 15-week sample study plan, and important information you'll need as a Certified FRM.

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2015 FRM Practice Exams

2015 FRM Practice Exams
2015 FRM Practice Exams
Based on a sample of questions from the 2010 through 2014 FRM Exams, these Practice Exams are representative of the questions in the 2015 FRM Exams.


2015 FRM Books

2015 FRM Exam Part I Books
These are the official books for the FRM Exam Part I. The four volume set includes: Foundations of Risk Management; Quantitative Analysis; Financial Markets and Products; and Valuation and Risk Management. They are available in printed format only.


Candidate Cost: US$250, plus shipping.
2014 FRM Exam Part II Books
These are the official FRM Exam Part II books. Readings cover topics related to market risk management, credit risk management, operational risk management, risk management and investment management and current issues in financial markets. They are available in printed format only and ship as four books. The material related to current issues in financial markets is available as a digital download.


Candidate Cost:  US$295, plus shipping.

Note: There is a $50 re-stocking fee, should you cancel your book(s) order prior to shipment.


Weekly Study Topics

As you prepare for the FRM Exam, GARP will be highlighting topics that appear on the Exam to help candidates pace themselves through the Exam material. These topics directly correspond to the FRM Study Guide and to the related readings in the official FRM books.

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2015 FRM Candidate Guide
The FRM Candidate Guide provides prospective and current FRM Exam candidates with a comprehensive overview of everything they need to know before, during, and after sitting for the FRM Exam.


FRM Videos
The following videos offer valuable information and advice about different aspects of the FRM Program.